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The township is only mandated by law to provide funeral & burial or cremation services to an INDIVIDUAL who has died within the township leaving no money or other real assets to defer funeral expenses. The law does NOT mandate us to assist families with funeral expenses, but the township may under some conditions consider assistance with expenses for final arrangements. Before proceeding with a request for township assistance, applicants should consider all of the following:

  • The decedent must have been a resident of Fairfield Township at the time of death.
  • There are conditions for which the township would NOT be able to approve assistance.
    • Assets which can be liquidated
      • Real Estate
      • Automobiles, Boats, ATV’s, Recreational Vehicles
      • Jewelry, Precious Metals, Electronics, etc.
    • Ability to obtain financing for the expenses
    • Income above township guideline standards
    • Immediate or extended family members who can afford the expense
    • Other governmental programs which can defray the expense
  • No funds can be expended without first receiving an Application for Township Assistance (TA-1) through the township trustee’s office.
  •  If everything is in order,
    • a completed TA-1 signed by all adults who lived with the decedent
    • all documents required by the investigator have been provided
  • the investigative process can then take up to seventy-two hours (not including holidays) for completion. Therefore, NO ARRANGEMENTS SHOULD OR CAN BE MADE until the investigative process has been completed.

  • If the investigative process results in an approval for assistance, a member of the township administrative staff will be appointed to superintend, which means that the right to make final arrangements will transfer to the township.
  • The township will need to be informed of any and all monies promised on behalf of the deceased for final expenses. The owners of gofundme accounts which list the decedent as recipient MUST contact the township office about dispersal of funds.
  • Under absolutely no circumstances will the township consider payment toward any funeral, burial or cremation expenses after those services have been rendered.


Fairfield Township will consider requests for assistance with a direct cremation or an immediate burial. Unless there is a written declaration of objection to cremation signed by the decedent and filed with the township the township preferred method of disposal will be direct cremation.

Direct cremation means the body is transported by the funeral home directly to the crematory. (Cremains will be made available to the family upon request.)

Immediate burial means the body is transported by the funeral home, placed in a casket, and transported directly to the cemetery for burial (including a vault.)

The township will not assist with memorial or funeral services, visitation, embalming, obituaries, headstones or grave markers, or other products or services not associated with an immediate burial or direct cremation.

If the decedent or family has plots which are pre-paid in other cemeteries, the township may consider their use provided the costs involved in doing so fall within the parameters established by the township.

Once approved for township assistance, all contact with the funeral home will be made by or through the township superintendent designated by the trustee to contract the final arrangements with the funeral home.

If approved for township assistance, the applicant may be required to sign one or more of the following documents:

  1. A Waiver of Right to Make Final Arrangements (must be signed)
  2. A Standard Repayment Agreement (for any funds received on behalf of the decedent including government payments, insurance payments, and/or individual or institutional collections)
  3. An Indemnification Agreement (holding harmless the township and its agents)